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Thank you for visiting the Enfield Republican Town Committee website.  Our goal is to give you local Republican news and have you come to understand why we believe “Enfield, Connecticut: It Just Keeps Getting Better.”

The Enfield Republicans have been overseeing and guiding the Town of Enfield for the last four years. Our government is run by a Town Council – 11 individuals – and 7 are Republican.  The Town Council works with our Town Manager, Matt Coppler – who is a professional manager who oversees the day-to-day operations of Enfield.

The Enfield Board of Education consists of nine members – 4 are Republican – and this group works diligently to offer our children a quality education, and opportunities they can build on as they move towards graduation and beyond.

Enfield Republicans believe in government being fiscally responsible, responsive to the needs of its citizens, but allowing each citizen to grow, prosper, and enjoy life in his or her own individual way.

We have proved this by keeping our taxes low and providing services our neighbors have come to expect and require.

The elected officials work hard at keeping our Town – a small Town – with great benefits.  We believe we are neighbors. We look out for one another and our elected officials spend the taxpayers money wisely.

The Enfield Republican Town Committee welcomes you to join us (or visit) on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Our doors are always open – and we just love company.

Come see why we know: “Enfield, Connecticut: It Just Keeps Getting Better.”

Mary Ann R. Turner
Enfield Republican Town Committee Chairman

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School Security Public Comment Sessions

The Town of Enfield along with the Enfield Public Schools will be hosting a series of public comment sessions to hear from residents in regards to the School Security Program.  The scope of the school security program includes the school security officers, hardening of school facilities, and policies and procedures of the Board of Education related to school security.

Sessions will be held in the four Enfield Council Districts at the following dates and listed locations:

February 5th, Enfield Street School, 1318 Enfield Street, 7PM

February 9th, Nathan Hale School, 5 Taylor Road, 7PM

February 19th, Prudence Crandall School, 150 Brainard Road, 7PM

February 23rd, JFK Middle School, 155 Raffia Road, 7PM

Residents will be allowed to provide their comments regarding the school security program following a brief presentation of the program. All comments will be documented and provided in a report to the Enfield Town Council and the Enfield Board of Education.

These public comment sessions are part of the agreed upon public review process of the Enfield School Security Program. In 2012, the Enfield Town Council and the Enfield Board of Education signed a Memorandum of Understanding that created the school security partnership between the two entities. Included as part of that Memorandum of Understanding was a two year review process to determine if the program should continue or be modified. It is the intent of both elected bodies to make a determination on the future of the program in the next few months.

Honor St. Senator John Mckinney, Dinner & Roast

I am launching an online campaign to see what the commuting public thinks of border tolls. "Since the Governor is determined to make transportation a top priority this session, it is more important than ever that the people of Connecticut contact their elected officials and make sure that their opinion on this issue is heard," said Boucher. This online survey and petition comes on the heels of a Republican lead plan announced this week that would fund the future of Connecticut's Transportation Networks for the next 30 years. The plan called "Prioritize Progress" uses existing financial means and does not tax or toll commuters and does not increase the state debt. "I am asking residents and commuters to weigh in on the issue to get their ideas and move forward in a thoughtful and constructive way,"added Boucher. "An online survey and petition are outreach ideas that take minimal time from busy constituents, but are valuable when making these big policy changes." To take the transportation survey or sign the petition visit www.senatorboucher.com
To learn more about Prioritize Progress Click Here.

CT is Last in the Nation:

Letter to the Editor, Jan 29th, 2015. Regarding our State Assembly representatives.

We send our legislators to Hartford to be our voice and it is time for Enfield’s two State Representatives to step up and do the jobs they were elected to do for the taxpayers of Enfield.  Three legislative proposals for the 2015 General Assembly session would provide immediate tax relief to Enfield residents, and eliminate the current inequitable and discriminatory funding practices for CREC magnet schools and special education mandates.  SB 560 would shift funding responsibility for special education mandates where it belongs – Governor Malloy and the CT General Assembly.  The Governor and General Assembly (Representatives Alexander and Kiner) have continued to pick the pockets of hard-working Enfield taxpayers by requiring cities and towns to pay for very costly, Cadillac-type special education programs, which they created but took no responsibility for funding.  Enfield’s special education spending is now over $13 million dollars and growing.  Left unchecked, special education funding could force the Town Council to increase taxes by 2-4 mills per year.  This cost is unsustainable and could bankrupt Enfield taxpayers.

SB 561 and SB 564 would shift magnet school funding responsibility to the people who created these competing public education facilities – Governor Malloy and the CT General Assembly (again, Representatives Kiner and Alexander).  State legislators created CREC magnet schools to compete with local public schools for students, and force Towns like Enfield to use local property taxes to pay tuition to these competing schools.  At the same time, Governor Malloy and Representatives Kiner and Alexander borrowed more than $1 billion to construct competing magnet schools, and take state funding away from Enfield for its own public schools’ renovations.  The net effect is that every year local property tax dollars- meant to pay for Town services like snow plowing, libraries, trash collection & recycling, and Enfield public education - are sent to Hartford to pay for operating costly CREC magnet schools.  It’s quite like taxation without representation because there is no Enfield taxpayer input on CREC school management.

Senator Kissel has expressed his support to require that Governor Malloy and State Legislature pay the full cost for these state government programs, not Enfield taxpayers.  It’s time for State Representatives Kiner and Alexander to go to work for Enfield taxpayers, and actually do something to stop the sucking sound of Enfield tax dollars fleeing down interstate 91S.

Enfield Republicans - Interested in local Government?

We always need people to fill openings on boards/commissions, we encourage you to contact us.  The Enfield Republican Town Committee meets every 2nd Thursday at 7 PM in the Town Council Chambers.  All are welcome.

Contact Town Chairman, Mary Ann Turner at 860-745-4649 or e-mail maryannturner@cox.net for more information and an application.

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